Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I register?

You will receive an email containing log in information to access the Teacher Support Center. The TSC includes teacher tutorials, curriculum materials and access to student portfolios and rankings.

Beginning 3 weeks before the beginning of the SMG session a password and login ID will be emailed to you for each registered student team. It is used to access an online trading account.  If you register closer to the start of the session, the email will arrive by the day after you register.

The password can be used immediately to access and review the online trading account that includes portfolio pages and Help screens. Trades cannot be entered until the SMG session officially begins.

It is extremely important that a correct email is entered when you register. Some email providers reject messages from the SMG system. This sometimes includes hotmail, Road Runner and some ESC addresses. If you do not receive your passwords, please email


How can I prepare to use the SMG in my classroom?

  • Review the information on this website.
  • Attend onsite teacher training,  access live or recorded webinars as listed under TEACHER TRAINING
  • Invite an investment professional to visit your classroom and serve as an advisor. You can do this through our Invest It Forward program.
  • Log on to the Teacher Support Center. Review all of the information.
  • Consider integrating the SMG content into several subjects; including social studies, mathematics, business, and language arts, as well as economics and technology.
  • Be creative. Team teach the program with other members of your staff. An example might include math, technology and social studies.

How much class time does it take?

It generally takes a minimum of three or four class periods to introduce your students to the SMG and the basics of investing.

Visit a computer lab. Consider demonstrating how to log on to the SMG trading accounts and how to enter a trade. Review portfolio pages, help screens on each page and research websites.

Students should have the opportunity to use a computer to post trades and review their account at least once a week if possible.

You have the flexibility of choosing how much or how little class time to devote to the program throughout the SMG session. As you feel more comfortable with the program and content, teachers often devote more time to the SMG.

When can the students enter trades?

Trades can be entered at any time of the day throughout the session.

Stocks are priced at the time the trade is entered when the market is open. They will show up in Account Holdings the following day. Check Transaction Notes for information if there seems to be a problem.

Transactions submitted after 4:00pm EST, on weekends or market holidays will be entered at the first sale price the next day the market is open and posted in the account late that night.

Portfolios are updated each night the market is open.


Is there a SMG competition?

Registered teams are divided into regions/divisions. They are then ranked by the Total Equity in their account as seen on the Account Summary page in their account.

Teams that have the highest Total Equity are awarded prizes at the end of the 10-week session. These vary somewhat based on regional sponsorship funds. Contact for specific information about your region.


Where can I find team rankings?

  • Teachers can access their team rankings from their online Teacher Support Center
  • Students/teachers can access rankings on the opening screen after they enter their ID and password. Click on the rankings number to receive a complete list of team standings in your region
  • Rankings are based on the Total Equity as listed on the Account Summary page
  • Only teams that have successfully entered a trade will appear in the rankings
  • Rankings are updated each night on the days that the market is open


How do I pay for the SMG?

  • There is no charge for the Stock Market Game in areas where we have a sponsor. There is a fee of $10/team for all other areas. You can determine if there is a fee in your area by reading the regional information on the registration page at or by emailing

If your school is paying for the SMG, the following rules apply.

  • Request a purchase order number as soon as possible. It should be made out to:

    Texas Council on Economic Education

    1801 Allen Parkway

    Houston, TX  77019

    Phone: 888 764 8233 Fax: 713 655 1655

  • The PO number should be included in the online registration.
  • If the SMG session is beginning soon and you have not received a PO number, please register and email the PO number to as soon as possible.
  • Invoices will be emailed to you or the school shortly after the SMG begins.

The following applies to all schools:

  • Please notify us if the number of teams you will use changes as soon as possible. You will be charged for the number of teams registered at the end of week 2.
  • If you have registered teams and are then unable to participate, you must send a notice to cancel your team IDs before the end of Week 2 or payment in full will be required.

Deciding not to enter trades will not be considered a cancellation.

Is help available during the SMG?

If you have questions about using the SMG, or suggestions to make it better, please contact us. We are here to help you!

Email us at or call 888-SMG-TCEE (888 724 8233).