Hot Tips

Here are a few helpful tips for successfully navigating The Stock Market Game™ Web site.

Hot Tip 1: Make sure you have the correct version Web browser.

You may experience difficulties running the various functions of the SMG site on older browsers.  It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox. (Click on the images below for download links.)

Hot Tip 2: Passwords are case sensitive.

To access your trading portfolio pages, go to the SMG homepage ( Enter your Login ID User Name and password. Please note that IDs and passwords are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they were assigned. Please be careful to keep all passwords confidential.

Hot Tip 3: SMG has a built in logoff function.

To reduce the risk of having others access your portfolio the SMG portfolio site automatically logs you off after 15 minutes of inactivity.  If you have not sent or received information for 15 minutes or longer you will be automatically logged off and required to return to the SMG login page to re-enter your Login ID and password.

Hot Tip 4: Help Menus are available in the portfolio pages.

From each portfolio page, you can access an online help screen. Click on the information Icon (the letter I in a blue circle) located on the top of the page.

There are help screens for: Change Password, Investor Research, Enter a Trade, Account Summary, Account Holdings, Pending Transaction, Transaction Notes, Transaction History, Gains and Losses, and Rankings.

Hot Tip 5: Trades entered after 3:00pm CST.

The market is open for trading Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 3:00pm CST.  Trades made after the close of market are given the next business day’s opening price.

Hot Tip 6: Validate Ticker at the Enter a Trade page.

When you wish to enter a trade and are unsure if you have the company’s correct ticker symbol, type the ticker symbol into the appropriate field and click on the Validate Ticker link to the left.  This will bring up a pop-up window with the name of the company and its stock’s price.

Hot Tip 7: Problems with Trades!  Check Transaction Notes first.

Transaction Notes provides descriptions of each trade that was entered.  These descriptions include errors that may have occurred causing a trade not to be processed.  If your Account Holdings profile seems inaccurate, Transaction Notes is the first place to look when determining what has occurred.

Hot Tip 8: Clear your browser’s cache.

Your browser saves Web pages you have visited in its cache.  It does this to increase download times for faster Web browsing.  Sometimes these cached pages cause problems with the operation of your computer and your access to the Internet.  It is a good idea to clear your browser’s cache every once in a while to avoid possible complications with your use of the SMG Web site.  Refer to your browser’s Help Menu for assistance with clearing its cache.