SMG Basics

What is the Stock Market Game?

The Stock Market Game is a ten-week Internet based investment simulation is offered in the fall and spring. It was developed by the SIFMA Foundation for Investment Education in the 1970’s.  It encourages students to learn about the American economic system and investing while applying math, social studies, business, language arts and technology skills.

How Does the Stock Market Game Program Work?

Teachers register teams of no more than 5 students at,

An advisor login ID and password is issued immediately by email. Teacher can then log onto the Teacher Support Center. It contains valuable information on the SMG  and how to introduce the program to your students.

Beginning 3 weeks before the start of each session, a username and password for each registered team is emailed. This information is used to access the team’s own online trading account.

Using lesson plans provided in the Teacher Support Center and from other sources, teachers introduce concepts related to investing to their students.  Students research companies and make decisions about how to invest a virtual $100,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

In this realistic simulation, trades are made online throughout the 10-week period using the actual ticker symbols and real time pricing. Portfolios are updated daily and monitored throughout the session. The SMG is very flexible in terms of class time and the number of computers needed.

How Does the SMG Program Address the TEKS Requirements?

Teachers use the Stock Market Game and related activities to teach and reinforce required skills in many subject areas.

Who Can Participate?

Teachers can register students of all ability levels in grades 4-12 and post-secondary courses. It can be offered as a regular classroom activity or as an extracurricular program.  Home school student teams should be registered through a home school co-op group.

Individual home school teachers/parents must register for an adult team and introduce the simulation to their children on their family team.  The program is also available to individual post-secondary students and adults. A competition is not offered for individual home school, adult or post-secondary teams.

How Does the SMG Competition Work?

Students use the SMG simulation to learn the basics of investing as they create and manage an online portfolio over 10 weeks. Each team is placed in a regional grade level division and competes against other students in their area. The teams try to increase the value of their online investment account. A daily ranking tracks their progress.

What Do I Need To Know?

No previous knowledge of investing is required. Free teacher training is provided before each 10-week session and is highly recommended. Live and recorded webinars are also available. Click here for more information. A comprehensive collection of resources is available online in the Teacher Support Center.  They include a Teacher’s Guide, lesson plans and student handouts. A Help Desk is available throughout the year and can be accessed by phone or email.

What is the Cost?

The Stock Market Game offered at no charge in areas of Texas where a sponsor has agreed to pay for team fees. A reasonable fee of $10 for each team is charged in all other regions.

How Do I Get Details on the SMG in My Geographical Area?

Go to For specific regional information. Go to www.stockmarketgame,org.  Select REGISTER and then click VIEW PROGRAM IN MY AREA.

How Do I Register?

Go to Review the information on the homepage. Click REGISTER and submit the requested information. Specific regional information and the registration site can be accessed from this page.

How Do I Get More Information?

Contact or call 1 888 764 8233